Secured Sales of Counterfeit Money |Buy Fake Bills Anonymously

Fake Money Making ensures the most secured sales of counterfeit bills in the market. This is because we understand the market and what we are into. So we first of all do not shy from the fact that the sales of counterfeited currencies is by itself illegal hence encourage our clients to buy fake bills anonymously.

Because we are aware of this, we do everything humanly possible, including allowing clients by fake bills anonymously, to ensure that we protect both ourselves and clients from being caught by the police.

How We Ensure Secured Sales Of Counterfeit Money

We print our fake banknotes on the best quality of money printing papers, getting some from insiders government officials in charge of printing government moment money.

We ensure the best security futures on our most secured sales of counterfeit money including; Intaglio, cover security features, watermark, foil element. security thread, special effect ink and many others.

Our bills are indistinguishable from the government money by sight, touch or counterfeit detecting machine.

We transport our counterfeit bills in unusual packages, making it difficult for any custom agents to understand what is actually being transported. We package bills in containers such as speakers, baby-powder containers, and many more.

We have also done our best in making connections at all the various custom check points to ensure that if in any case our transit bills are being discovered, our custom officer there will be in charge to cover us before it gets out of hand.

Buy Counterfeit Bills Anonymously

As we try to stay anonymous at our end, we encourage our clients to buy fake bills anonymously in the best possible way.

It is for this reason of anonymity that we do not accept card payment, bank to bank wiring, Western Union, Paypal and Moneygram. We try as much as possible to avoid interactions that obligates either us or our clients to give personal identification information as this can put either us or our clients in big mess with the police.

Secured sales of counterfeit money, buy fake bills anonymously

To ensure that you buy fake bills anonymously, Fake Money Making encourages all her clients to retrain from giving information that can directly link to them. We always tell our customer to give us an address different from their home address so in case of monitoring, you can easily wise up and fine a way out.

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