Counterfeit Australian Dollars

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With more over 8 years of being in the counterfeit money business and being caught just twice and that was in our first year of joining the industry, we pride ourselves as the best in the counterfeit money sales industry. We are confident in the quality of our bills and our security measures which ensures no single client buying from us is at risk of being caught.

Our bills are produced using latest technology and bypasses every single money detecting machine because in real sense its same as government money. The bills are packaged in camouflage container and custom service agents being paid weekly to ensure no single order is withheld, giving assurance to clients that no single dollar shall be asked after payment is fully made for product and shipping.

In the case of bills arriving in damages state, our company do a complete replacement covering all costs including shipping. Note that in such case we shall send an agent to pick up the damage bills to ensure we are not being tricked into delivering twice. Incase of missing package, we only do 100% replacement only after we are sure the error came from us and not on the side of the client.

1 review for Counterfeit Australian Dollars

  1. Samuel Arndell

    Quick to respond, the customer service was friendly and efficient. We received our package on time and these bills are really good.

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